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Alice King

"Until you dreamed about how to make your life better by leaving town..."

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Name:Alice Madelyn King
Birthdate:Jan 20

- who the fuck is alice? -

Alice King was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, the youngest child of three, with one older brother, Alex, and one older sister, Andrea (thanks to her mom's love for giving her kids all the same first initial). She grew up in a relatively normal household, her mother a chef at a well-known Sydney restaurant, and her dad the manager of a new car dealership. They were never strapped for cash, and both of Alice's older siblings pursued careers that parents could be proud of -- Alex a doctor at Sydney Children's Hospital, where he met his now-wife, Kristen Jackson, a fellow paediatrician, and Andrea a teacher in Sydney's school system.

Alice took a bit of a different path with things than was expected of her. In high school, two of her good friends, Sam Campbell, and his girlfriend (who would later become his wife), Michelle, were both set on becoming doctors, and Alice's parents were hopeful that she, too, would go to med school and follow in her big brother's footsteps, but it was never something that Alice was interested in. She got a part time job in high school working as a receptionist at the Toronga Zoo in Sydney, and she absolutely fell in love with working there. Her parents were completely disappointed when, after graduating high school, she decided to go full time at the zoo instead of going to university, but she's remained at the job for ages, and wouldn't have it any other way.

She was heartbroken when Michelle passed away only a year into her marriage with Sam, and worried for Sam all the time while he was away with Doctors Without Borders. She recently heard that he'd gone to the States after his time with DWB had ended to reunite with his brothers, and she was more than happy to hear it, though she did very much miss her old friend.

She continued working in her same job, making enough to pay her bills and do okay for herself, and three years ago, she met Jake Gresham, with whom she quickly hit it off. It wasn't very long before they started dating, and those three years, including the last six months that they spent engaged, were some of the best times of Alice's life. Until it all fell apart when Jake was homesick for the States and didn't just want to pay a visit, but to go home to his brother and sisters, whom he missed dearly, especially when his baby sister, Rose welcomed her first child, and his first niece, Daisy. Alice had no desire to leave Australia for the US, and their engagement was broken off, though they remained friends.

That was until her friend and coworker, Carissa, told her that her husband Joey Cooper had very suddenly told her he wanted a divorce after a fight about Jake, only for Joey to show up a few days later and ask about Jake's forwarding address in the States. It was strange, but it took Alice a few days for it to finally click that there was something really going on here... Jake, who'd never been shy about being bisexual, had been cheating on her... She just knew it. And it was the anger of that knowledge that drove her to buying a plane ticket to the US to go find him and tell him just exactly what she thought about that.

Alice is an Original Character
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